I have reviewed Magic Socks when the company was coming out with a new style. Sometimes the socks are more feminine and in the case of this latest MP Magic Premium Socks, more masculine. The company doesn’t pay me to write about their socks. They ask if I’d test them out and review them, good or bad.
So far, their various socks have been tested by me (for dance and fitness classes), by my grandson for football practice in Florida’s summer sun, and this latest pair by my husband.
The company’s philosophy is that you should be able to wear their socks for up to six days without them becoming smelly. They are woven of fast moisture wicking to keep your feet dry and have special silver, copper and zinc metallic threads woven into them to make them averse to bacteria.
So far, they’ve all been as described, though I must say, a couple days without washing socks is probably as adventurous as any of us would go. These premium socks are made from a Japanese cotton and have been knitted on an Italian machine named Santoni. The company says the machine can run a 200 needle count, which is allegedly higher than most sock companies.
My husband, Russ, has now been wearing the latest pair for two days. In that time, he has gardened, gone for a prolonged walk, and is now in his workshop doing a woodworking project. He says his feet have stayed dry, they aren’t sweaty and they definitely don’t smell.
As I noted in the sports socks I wore and reviewed (https://karenkuzsel.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/like-magic-even-sweaty-feet-dont-stink-in-these-socks/) these are really comfy and didn’t slide on my narrow heel. My husband’s feet get dry and he makes a point of choosing shoes for comfort, not necessarily style, so saying these new socks are padded and still feel good after two days is good news.
He does have one suggestion. The top of each sock is quite tight on his calf. He doesn’t feel the compression as much as it is noticeable when he removes them and there’s a clear impression. Other than that, he’s happy to claim this pair as his.
Starting this month, MP Magic Socks can be found on Indiegogo.
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