Sea Spirit and 50 Years of Victory meet.

We have watched the invasion of Ukraine and felt sorrow, sympathy, and anger. Ukrainians’ lives are upended. Many have died. Children are orphaned. Businesses fail. We know all that because we can see it in news reports or vignettes shot and posted by shocked citizens on social media. The war may be “there”, but ill ripple effects still reverberate across the globe. Every day is still a question of “What next?” Without turning this into a political column, I will (when notified) inform you of cancellations that may directly impact you. In this edition, please see the cancellation of Poseidon Expedition cruises. If you have events or promotions impacted by the War on Ukraine, please send details.


Russ, wearing mask made by Theresa Mulconry.

I look for the joy every day. Some days it’s as easy as putting on my favorite oldies station and diving into making a scrumptious dinner or dessert. Some days it becomes the moments when I read about selfless volunteers, or kids chalking rainbows onto sidewalks, New Yorkers clapping for hospital staff during shift changes, and sometimes it is by watching entertainers perform from their living rooms or on their driveway while neighbors dance or just listen.

Until the world is at a stage where COVID-19 isn’t ravaging bodies or depriving those who shelter-in-place of their ability to earn a paycheck, visiting with friends, eating out, or even getting our hair done, then I will continue dedicating my Hotel Happenings & Program Promotions column to some of the positive news I am sent or see for myself. There are many news outlets that share “good news” stories of bravery and random acts of kindness, so I won’t repeat those.