Pig Island is just one of 50 promotional packages being offered by Bahamas Tourism to celebrate 50 years.


The Bahamas is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and you can get in on the 50 ways they offer to save money by celebrating with them. There are hotel/resort packages through the end of the year, spa packages, deals on having family portraits done, golf, food deliveries, and car rentals. With 50 different offers (such as the one on Pig Island with a stay at the Embrace Resort,

From My Lips To Your Eyes: A short synopsis of what you need to know

It’s like squeezing into a too-tight dress when it’s the only one that will work for the event you’re headed to tonight. There’s just too much to cram into one small space and too little time to do anything more about it. That’s how I think of all the information I’m privy to about hotel and destinations promotions, event announcements, software that sweetens success, and people of distinction in the hospitality/meetings & events/entertainment industries. I know you’d like to know what I know, but the collection of knowledge doesn’t fit into the formats of publications and organizations for whom I already write.
Here’s where you come in.
I will give a $25 check to the person who comes up with a title for a new blog I feel compelled to create. Whoever dishes up the best Read more