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MPI SBO: How to Solicit Strong & Effective Testimonial

Lisa Speer panned for gold, not in a riverbed or deep within a cave walls’ veins. Instead, she targeted a much more valuable and easily accessed resource: her satisfied clients.

In the March 20th, one hour Zoom education session hosted by Meeting Professionals International’s Small Business Owners (MPI SBO) community council, the founder of Speerhead Solutions, a strategic branding business, said that “Testimonials are gold. But simply asking for one doesn’t ensure


By Karen Kuzsel

Have your New Year’s resolutions for organizing, amplifying, and focusing your business gotten caught up in the complexities of personal and business time management, trying to be all things to all people in order to keep the money flowing in, sorting through business apps for one suitable to your expertise and needs, and trying to keep up with governmental rules, both federal, state or even by

MPI SBO- Retreat-for-One Gifts Your Business

If time has been slipping away from you into 2024 and you’re desperate to have a more cohesive business plan, what should you do to get there? (Giving up, pulling your hair out, or pretending it won’t matter because you’ll figure it out “later” are not viable responses.)

The question of best practices for future business planning was the topic of discussion for the November 29, MPI SBO Connects hour-long session on Zoom. The Small Business Owners community is a slice of Meeting Professionals International that offers discussions and information about how to run your business. One way that is done is by offering informal social chat sessions


Lessons the hospitality, meetings & events industries learned from the “great COVID interruption” is that business models may have gotten deconstructed and staffing thinned, but continuing industry professionals dug in and have reshaped businesses to meet the future. Next generations of eager beginners are joining the ranks to reshape the future. It is imperative that valuable experience earned by longtime professionals is recognized and shared with “newbies”, that young staffers build new networking relationships, and that the experienced professionals who have left corporate positions to begin their own small business will evolve and thrive.

The Meeting Professional International Small Business Owners (MPI SBO) community is here to help. The community

MPI SBO: Mentorship Moments – Rebuild, Rejuvenate, Reinvent

What if the road you were travelling on suddenly dead-ended or another path beckoned with possibilities? Would you continue your planned journey or stride forward to see what could happen, prepared to meet unknown challenges?

Fortunately for the hospitality, meetings and events industries, Terri Breining, CMM, CED and CMP Fellow, chose the latter.

As she indicated during the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Small Business Owners’ SBO) Mentorship Moments hour-long Zoom session on May 18, her business journey has never been predictable or traveled in her anticipated direction, but what made her journey remarkable


The Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Small Business Owners’ (SBO) April Mentor program on ChatGPT had barely turned off the Zoom microphones and web cameras when the plethora of newer information and controversies about the suddenly-trending Artificial Intelligence (AI) came pouring across the social media-verse faster than a speeding (bullet) train.

If you are an MPI member and want to learn how ChatGPT does or may affect your small business (under 400 staff), click onto MPI’s SBO



Lip print readings even fun for men. Check it out for the MPI SBO virtual holiday social! (See below for details.)

Maybe the name of iconic Inn on Fifth & Club Level Suites’ new To the Nines package should have had the word “opulence” included in the title. If you are seeking to have a vacation that is “to the moon and back” luxurious, check out this offer that is available until May 31, 2023. The Naples, FL boutique property is offering luxury experiences that showcase the best of the Naples lifestyle. Designed for two, the package centers on a three-night stay in either the King Supreme Suite or the elegant Presidential Suite, both with spacious verandahs overlooking Fifth Avenue South. Club Level amenities include deluxe

MPI SBO: Managing Client Expectations Forges New Successes

No one doubts that the hospitality, meetings & events industries faced meltdowns during the height of the COVID Pandemic, but what have business owners done to overcome the negative challenges and redirect their business to effect more positive outcomes? For many, that begins with Managing Client Expectations, the topic of the October 20th  CommuniTEA hosted by Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) Small Business Owners (SBO).

MPI SBO: New business opportunities brewed over a cup of TEA!

Your next great partnership may be someone you meet at a chapter meeting, on the other end of a cold call, or it could be from joining in on a Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Small Business Owners (SBO) casual chat called CommuniTEA. The one-hour Zoom call focuses on a core topic of concern to SBO members.